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My name is Jeremiah Say, and I reside in a tiny, hot and humid country. An introvert who was born in October 1990 in Singapore. I believe in making a difference in this world, making life easier for my neighbors (that includes you – wherever you are) and living my life to the fullest.

My mission is simple yet incredibly overlooked by society today, and that is to make this world a better place. I want the world to be a little better because I was here.

To be able to live every single day of my life inspiring neighbors of different religions, races, sexes is a huge blessing to me.

It is also why I chose to seize the opportunity to start this website. A lot of opportunities slipped through my fingers over the past years; I can totally accept and moved on from those missed opportunities, but something tells me I should not miss this particularly one. Hence the birth of AppreciateGoods.com.

Update: I am currently working on the H&R Boutique project

Past Experiences

  • Early School Days

I was an average and quiet student in primary school. Got bullied quite frequently from the same few students, always following the crowd and occasionally just sit alone and do my things. However, my life was completely changed when I entered secondary school at age thirteen.

I started smoking, drinking, partying, fighting. The sort of things you see spoiled teenagers do, except for my case it is more frequent and sometimes more violent.

I started taking revenge on the bullies who used to bully me when I was in primary school. It wasn’t long before all the big bullies are afraid of me. I somehow became the ‘bully of bullies.’

Just a day before I graduated from secondary school, my headmaster invited me to his office. He said that I would either end up in prison or be a millionaire. He was right about one thing; I ended up in an army prison in 2010 while serving my national service. Although an army prison is not what we’d classified as a civilian prison but still… it is a damn prison.

I may not be what the society describe as ‘smart’ due to the lack of my conventional education but I what can offer you is my real life experiences (I have plenty)… something you might not learn during your fifteen years in school.

  • Business Career

I sold my first real business, Gracious Watch about a month ago at the time of writing this page. The sales took place in the early September of 2016.

Gracious Watch had an annual traffic of close to a million visitors, 72% of the organic traffic (free traffic from search engines) are from USA and a wise businessman from Australia who resides in New York bought the site.

I wasn’t particularly happy about selling the site even though I had made a nice profit out of it. It was quite a mixed feeling. On one hand, I was happy that I had let go of a site that I don’t really care much anymore. On the other hand, I was quite upset that I sold the site which I had spent 3 years of my early adult life building from nothing.


My dream is to make this world a better place. A little better because I was here.

As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” – Paul Shane Spear

I have always wanted to make this world a better place ever since I was a kid. I was pretty good at making people happy by sharing stuff with them. I loved to donate whatever little I have to the Charities or the Red Cross. That was the only thing I know that could brighten up someone’s day because I don’t usually like to joke or talk a lot.

Unfortunately, I was told a lot of times that “one person cannot change anything” and with the combination of name-callings and occasional physical abuses, my little dream was crashed somewhere in my early primary school days.

It was pretty devastating. Even since then, I don’t remember experiencing much joy for the rest of my school days.

I don’t know what, why or how but somewhere in between 2012 to 2015, that little dream of mine slowly revived. That dream did not come back immediately, but slowly and surely… it did! And I am very glad it did!

I live a much happier life now compared to a decade before.

A lot of people I know missed their school days. They claimed they were much happier back then compared to now because they need not worry about financial issues, reporting to a meaningless job five days a week, etc. Personally, I don’t wish to go back to those days because all I could remember was how miserable my life was. A life that utterly lacks meaning.

It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” – Benito Mussolini

I realized that I didn’t have to do big things to find meaning in my life. A mere simple act of kindness could bring a broad smile on my face and pretty much lighten up my day. It’s as simple as that.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson

I also realized that making this world a better place is very subjective, most of us have our opinions. Some of you may volunteer your money or time to those who are in needs. Some would prefer to create products, apps, software to make life easier for others. Some would rather choose to serve your peers by sharing your talents or gifts. There are literally thousand of ways that both you and I can make this world a better place.

Why Appreciate Goods

Appreciate Goods - Spreading Positivity LogoI want to bring happiness and simply make life easier for my neighbors. Starting a site like Appreciate Goods is pretty natural to me, I don’t have to question myself whether it is for me or not, I just know it is!

Since in my early school days, helping someone out and trying to bring a smile to someone’s face is pretty natural to me. It’s nothing new! But a lot of people see a full-sleeve tattoo guy like myself would question my motives and integrity. To them, a full-sleeve tattoo guy has no business in the ‘self-help’ industry trying to help others. People with tattoo are supposed to be in a triad selling drugs, fighting, be a pimp or whatever.

To them, people with just a small tattoo is a ‘bad’ guy or girl. I have a whole full sleeve of tattoo. Just imagine the caliber of ‘badness’ they perceive in me. I’ll talk more about this another day. Perhaps I might even write a book about it.

Focusing on Appreciate Goods and reaching out to more people is something that makes me really happy and alive. It’s something that I did not find in my previous endeavor, Gracious Watch. Something that keeps me up late at night and wakes up early in the morning with full of excitement.

Call me ambitious… but my goal for Appreciate Goods is to reach out to 20,000,000 visitors worldwide annually after 3 years.

Whether Appreciate Goods succeed or not, I have no idea at all. I just know I have to do it and give it my all!

And whether Appreciate Goods succeed or not, it’s not up to me! It’s up to all of our readers, our writers, our contributors, our specialists etc. I can work hard till I am sky-blue in the face but without the support of my readers and everyone else. Trust me, this site will be a dead town in less than 12 months.

So if you are reading this in our first anniversary in September of 2017. You know that we have some (or perhaps quite a number of) loyal readers who are willing to give Appreciate Goods a helping hand by reaching out to more people to make this world a slightly better place.

Just know that one day if Appreciate Goods succeed, it’s NOT the effort of me, I, myself. You are part of the reasons why we succeed! How do I know? Because you are less than 0.001% of our site visitors who are willing to take the time to read this page this far! You have probably even bought something from us, shared a couple of articles with your friends or signed up to our free newsletter.

Whatever the case, you have contributed to our success and I want to thank you very much for it!

This site is NOT about me. It’s about you, our readers and everyone else who contributed in helping to grow Appreciate Goods.

Tattoos don’t make one a bad person and simply going to a church, mosque, temple doesn’t automatically make one a good person.”

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